About Creative Sound Works
After many years forging his creative production craft at radio
stations throughout the metropolitan area (WRNW, WTFM, WAPP),
in 1985, Bruce Figler purchased a pair of analog tape recorders, a
mixing board, a couple of microphones, and a pair of speakers…and
thus, Creative Sound Works was born. With the sole intent to create
innovative and effective radio commercials, a studio was set up in a
room on the ground floor of his home (soon to become his son’s
bedroom). It wasn’t long before the company  grew out of its digs,
moving first to Hawthorne, NY and then to its current home in
Pleasantville, NY.

Creative Sound Works has come a long way since its inauspicious
beginnings. For example, despite our name, we are no longer just
audio. Although we started out that way and still have a special place
in our hearts for audio, we also create in film and video, allowing for
a unique continuity between the different mediums. Catering to
businesses both big and small, we are equally ‘at home’ servicing
local retailers, as we are servicing Fortune 500 companies.
See our client list)

Over our 30+ years of operation, we have learned that we’re only as
good as the people who work for us. As a result, we have put together
a tight confederation of gifted creative people who all add to the
finished project. A talented team of copywriters, actors, narrators,
technicians, composers and musicians all combine to make Creative
Sound Works, the full service creative facility that it has become.  

Tune in to Bruce, Saturday afternoons on 107.1 The Peak - playing
World Class Rock for New York’s Backyard...or listen online at;           
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